Today 10th of Oct 2019

Mostly sunny: High pressure conditions.

The weather

In the afternoon mostly sunny with some high clouds. Windy in the northern valleys. High temperatures between 14° and 21°.

Mountain weather

Mostly sunny, on the alpine crest some clouds. Otherwise few high clouds above the peaks.

Tomorrow 11th of Oct 2019

Sunny all over the day: High pressure conditions and dry air masses determine the weather in the Alps.

The weather

Apart from possible low stratus clouds in the Pustertal region, very sunny all over the day. Some high clouds. In higher valleys temperatures below 0°, in the afternoon highest values between 15° and 20°.

Mountain weather

Very good conditions in the mountains with great visibility. Temperatures will rise, less windy.

The next days

saturday 12
Partly cloudy
max: 21°
min: 0°
sunday 13
Partly cloudy
max: 20°
min: 2°
monday 14
Partly cloudy
max: 21°
min: 4°
tuesday 15
max: 19°
min: 5°